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KKD R-Evolve X ceramic wheel coating 30ml

KKD R-Evolve X Ceramic Coating 30ml


KKD R-Evolve X is a specialized coating based on a ceramic polymer technology. The chemical composition contains individual silicon ceramic base molecules. As the carrier solvent evaporates and the deposited film is exposed to moisture, the individual molecules begin to transform such that the temporary bond to the surface is converted to a permanent, covalent bond whilst the individual base molecules interlink to form a cross-linked network. The final chemical composition of the cured R-Evolve X coating is a silicon/nitrogen hybrid which has many similarities to silicon nitride ceramic, a material used by NASA for the construction of rocket engine nozzles. When fully cured, R-Evolve X has the following attributes:

- It is extremely hard providing excellent scratch resistance
- It has a low co-efficient of drag, meaning that abrasive particles are inclined to slide over the film, rather than catch and mark and cause marring
- Strong  hydrophobic behavior which inhibits the bonding of contamination and soiling
- Exceptional resistance to heat. In practice, heat will only act to strengthen the cross-linked network
- Extreme chemical resistance, more so than the underlying surface.

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