Detailing - Ceramic - PPF
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We offer a very extensive list of vehicle detailing options.

Below is a very brief example of what we can do for you. We highly recommend getting in touch with us to arrange a visit to the unit to discuss your requirements.

To secure your booking we operate a booking fee system that is a part payment towards the final balance due on completion. 

All detailing work requires a payment of £100 plus VAT (£120) to secure your slot. If you wish to discuss any of this before making a booking feel free to give us a call.


All Season Package


All Season Package FROM £250+vat

  • Inspection of the vehicle
  • Citrus pre-wash / snow foam pre-wash and rinse
  • Wheels and tyres cleaned
  • Vehicle paintwork decontaminated as per the enhancement package
  • Paintwork polished (non-enhancement)
  • Full paintwork wipe down 
  • Feynlab Ceramic Lite applied
  • Tyres dressed
  • Glass cleaned

Enhancement Packages

Paint Enhancement Package

Light Enhancement FROM £300+vat

Multi Stage Enhancement FROM £500+vat

  • Inspection of the vehicle
  • Citrus pre-wash / snow foam pre-wash and rinse
  • Wheels and tyres cleaned
  • Hand wash using the two bucket method and Garage Therapy Shampoo
  • Rinsed and dried with Cheon drying towel
  • Tar remover applied to remove tar spots from the paintwork
  • Vehicle rewashed and dried
  • Fallout remover applied to the paintwork and allowed to dwell
  • Fallout remover jetwashed from the vehicle
  • Vehicle rewashed and dried 
  • Paintwork clayed using Feynlab Prime
  • Vehicle wiped down
  • Paint thickness checked with paint thickness gauge
  • Trims, rubber and sensitive areas protected with masking tape
  • 1, 2 or 3 Stage cut on vehicle paintwork depending on the package
  • Vehicle paintwork refined down for an ultra glossy mirror finish 
  • Paintwork fully wiped down with Garage Therapy Panel Prep
  • Exterior trim dressed
  • Glass and wiper blades cleaned
  • Exhaust tip(s) cleaned and polished where applicable 
  • Tyres dressed with Garage Therapy Tyre Serum
    Ceramic wheel coating


    Ceramic Wheel Protection FROM £200+vat

    • Removal of wheels from vehicle
    • Deep cleaned and decontaminated
    • Titan Pyro ceramic wheel coating applied and IR cured
    • Calipers cleaned and coated (where applicable) 
    • Up to 10 years durability